Has Coronavirus Cancelled Your Commencement?

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Across the country, or rather the world, Coronavirus has cancelled commencement for millions of college students.

Commencement is supposed to be the culmination and celebration of years of late nights, physical and financial sacrifices, tears, work, stress and unforgettable moments. The day when friends and family and your tribe that has held you down for years, stands proudly and screams loudly as your name is called.

Why Recent College Grads Should Consider Post Grad Internships

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Post grad internships

There are a number of reasons why recent college grads should consider post grad internships. In a perfect world, you bang out your final exams, graduate, maybe move to a new city, set up your new apartment and start your career at a well-paying job the week after graduation. Well, that idea has been thrown out the window – thanks COVID!