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Throughout 2020, students across the globe have shifted to online learning due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing. There is no denying that some people find it more challenging to learn online. It’s a big adjustment if you have never done it before. 

There are different ways that online learning is being introduced. You might find yourself in hybrid courses that are online and in person, others have find themselves enrolled in courses that are entirely online. In addition, online learning can vary from an assigned class time with a live professor or teaching assistant which gives opportunity for class interaction, while other students end up logging in to watch pre-recorded lessons with limited interaction.

So, we are going to reveal some tips that you can follow to ensure you are online learning is effective in all types of formats.

Treat online courses like they are “real” courses

We all know that online courses are indeed real courses, but it is easy to feel like they are not when you are at home alone. Treat your online classes like in-person classes. Put together a schedule and create set times for doing completing your lessons and homework. Don’t schedule appointments, go out to eat with friends or binge on Netflix during your set class time. Commit to and follow your schedule.

Arrive with the attitude to contribute to the conversation (if possible) and be engaged. If you are just watching a video, tune in get through it while taking notes so you can know you are understanding the content. 

Create a space for study

If you can, attend your online courses in a private space. Your bedroom, a spare bedroom, office other other part of the house. Reality is, everyone doesn’t have that opportunity but, do your best to limit distractions. It is advisable to set up a space that includes all of the things you need for class such as earphones, space for note taking, good lighting if you are on camera, or download a cool Zoom background if you want to hide your surroundings. 

Figure out how you learn best

We all learn differently. This is actually one of the benefits associated with online schools. Adapt your sessions to suit your needs and the way in which you study best. However, for this to be effective, you actually need to work out what mode of study is best for you. How great is it that you can know rewatch and rewind your videos or audio for class? You can take notes, review the materials and if stumped, email your professor with questions.

Get involved in forums and discussions

A lot of online schools and classes have forums and discussion boards so you can communicate with tutors and other students. It is important to actively participate so that you can extract as much as possible from these platforms. They will really enable you to engage with others, ask questions, as well as pick up some study tips and guidance. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask them. You may even feel more comfortable doing so now that you’re behind your computer.

To conclude, there is no denying that there are a lot of unique challenges that are presented when doing school online. Because of this, many people struggle, especially when it comes to getting the motivation that is needed to continue with their educational goals. Nevertheless, if you take note of the advice and tips that have been provided above, you should be able to see some success in this new online environment. Take the steps and make the efforts so that you can still achieve your educational goals. 

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