Paying for College

Paying for college or paying off student loans.
Resources and advice to help you beat the student loan debt trap.

One of the main benefits of paid internships is the opportunity to make money to help pay for college. It is well know that Wall Street finance internships, silicon valley tech companies (think Facebook) and high end strategic consulting internships (think McKinsey) can pay $3,500-8,000 per month. That said, not everyone is going to get those few coveted spots. When you figure there are roughly 20 million college students in the US, that means those high paying positions are uber competitive.  If you’ve got the good to make it happen, go for it!!

Most internships will pay an hourly wage of $10-20 per hour or a monthly stipend. Getting a paid internship, even at $12 an hour is better than working a job you hate, or an unpaid internship. No matter the sitution as a intern, you have something to contribute and something to learn. 

There are of course many ways to make and save money for college:

  • scholarships
  • part-time jobs
  • side-hustles
  • paid internships
  • student loans
  • PLUS loans
  • savings

Browse the articles for information on each topic. I am not a financial expert or financial aid expert, so you should always continue to do your own research.

Paying for College

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