Finding An Internship

Find an Internship

The Internship Manual is here to help you find an internship, graduate in four-years, launch your career and dump your student loan debt.

Doing internships and gaining real work experience is just as important as graduating in the first place! Without internship experience, finding the first professional job after college could end up being even more difficult. We want you to learn how to use internships as a part of your overall plan. Matter fact, we want you to committ to not just one or two but as many internships as possible during college.

Any plan should also include graduating college in four-years and limiting or avoiding student loan debt. From the basics of preparing a resume to understanding where to start your internship search, finding and landing your dream internship starts here.

Gain Experience

Real World Experience

Gain real world experience as you build your professional portfolio, apply classroom theory to practice, and demonstrate tangible results from projects you participate in—all making you more attractive to a potential employer.

Build Your Network

Build Your Network

Building a network of professional contacts is critical to the success of professionals in any industry. A strong network will be an invaluable resource in the future job search process for potential leads as well as references.

Explore Careers

Test Drive Your Career Choice

-Gaining internship experience allows you to preview careers to determine if you are on the right career path. Before stepping out and securing a full-time role, get an understanding of what a career in your field of choice will encompass.

Get Hired

Get Hired

-Employers like to hire known entities. Over the course of eight-to-twelve weeks, a company gets to know you and learn how you could contribute to their organization. If they are adequately impressed, they are likely to keep you in mind for future openings and not hesitate to provide a recommendation.

Finding an Internship

The Internship Manual: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Internship of Your Dreams