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Feeling Inspired When You Are In A Funk

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Life has a funny way of twisting and turning in different directions, don’t you think? Sometimes we can all get stuck in a rut where we start to wonder what we can do in our lives to feel differently. How we feel has much to do with how we think and this can have a real negative affect on our mood and our attitude in life. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can start to feel inspired by simply changing some of our actions and some of our habits. The days are growing shorter, school is starting and a fall breeze is in the air. At this time of year especially, you can start to feel like a little extra effort on your part is needed. Heading back to school is the perfect time to inject a new energy into your routine to break out of a funk. I wanted to share with you some of the ways that you can feel inspired and more positive moving forward.

The way you dress

Are you aware that how you dress can have a dramatic effect on how you act and how you feel? When you are getting ready to for class, sometimes it’s better to skip the pajamas and go for an outfit that makes you feel more prepared. Did you know what some business schools have a dress code for class! I’m not proposing that you wear a complete suit to class, but make a little effort beyond the bunny slippers and pajamas pants.

It isn’t about necessarily being fashionable, but more about feeling ready for the day. Even professionals working from home benefit from getting dressed for the day. I work out, get dressed just as though I was leaving the house and I feel more energized to work. While I can’t wear leggins and yoga pants into my office, at home it counts as getting dressed! It might even be thinking about the things you wear everyday such as the style of your glasses or shoes you wear. These little things make you feel more connected to your task at hand.

Finally, you may want to think about a capsule wardrobe to help you mix and match different outfit options, this can help when you are in a rush or needing to get out fast. 

The way you think

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The way you think and your mindset can play such an active role in how you feel. Negativity is something that can get worse over time and impact your life in a big way.

“Negative words will produce negative thinking, negative thinking will produce negative feelings and emotions, negative feelings will produce negative decisions, negative decisions will produce negative actions, negative actions will produce negative habits, negative habits will produce negative character, and negative character will produce the wrong destiny for your life.”

Pastor Creflo Dollar

Choose to have a more positive outlook on life. If you have a positive thought process, you can start to look at things differently. It will then have a more positive impact on your outlook, mood and how you act.

Life can change at a moment’s notice and we know that now more than ever. Classes might be online, this segment of your college journey may have you staying at home more than you ordinarily would. Your mindset can ensure that you approach these changes in the right way. The next time you start to see your mindset head towards the negative, attempt to actively force your thoughts to shift to the positive. It could make a big difference to your life. 

The way you live your life

Finally, consider the way you live your life. Are you getting enough exercise? Are you eating the right things? This alone can help you to feel better inside. Inspect how you are living your life physically, but also in other areas. Do you read often? Do you meditate or pray? Consider getting involved in your community to inspire others and also be inspired by those who you help.

Even joining an organization or club that can help improve skills and hobbies that you enjoy or have always wanted to try can change your outlook. Are you taking chances? Shoot for that internship you thought was out of reach or plan for that career shift into that dream job.

There are many ways and steps you can take to improve your life, feel inspired and be an inspiration.

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