What is the Diversity Directory? A comprehensive list of non-profit organizations and company managed internship programs promoting diversity through internships, professional development and employment opportunities. 

Diversity Directory Listing FAQ

Can we list unpaid internships? Internships listed can be paid or unpaid, however, we believe paid internships are more equitable as not every student can afford to partake in an unpaid internship. Unpaid internship should follow guidelines established by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Do I have to pay to be included in the Diversity Internship Directory? No, there are no fees to be included in the directory.

How long will my listing last? Listing lasts for one-year.

Can students apply directly to my internship from this directory listing? No. The Diversity Directory serves only as a list of internships. Users are responsible for applying directly to any company internship programs.

Do you provide candidates for internships listings? No, we do not filter nor provide candidates for internship openings. The diversity listing is a resource that compiles information about diversity internships. Applicants must apply directly to internship programs. We do not screen candidates and have no involvement in the application of students to internship openings.

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