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EmPOWERed Career Coaching

Power up for your future…Accelerate your results…

It starts with a plan.

Everyone wants to be able to wake up and be excited about what they do everyday for a living.

My one-on-one private coaching guides you through the process of making a plan to launch or advance your career. It isn’t just about creating a well-crafted resume, but about helping you identify a path that will lead to achieving your career goals.

Together we will figure out how to sharpen your skills and identify your strengths so that you can confidently compete for that next career opportunity.

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Accelerate your job search results
 Gain a clear direction for your career goals
Boost your confidence
Improve your interview skills
Create a professional resume that will get the phone ringing
 Understand how to build and leverage your network


Through my emPOWERed process, we will supercharge your career journey. At the end of this sessions, you will be on the path to success. I will require you to think critically about where you are, consider carefully who you are and understand how to capture what you want. This isn’t just me talking and you listening, this is about you doing the work to get yourself to that next level in your life and career.

Our sessions will last one-hour and be complete by Skype or Google Hangouts. If you are in the DC/MD we will be able to complete at least one session in person when scheduling allows.

It all starts with a FREE 30 minute discovery call. Take action to move you towards your dream and schedule your call now.

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Power Hour

Maybe you don’t need to enroll in the coaching program but you do have a specific question and need an answer with some guidance?

Let’s chat! Set up a meeting with me via phone or Skype for a Power Hour, a personal one-hour conversation to address your question or concern. If you have a resume that you just need feedback on, you can include it in our Power Hour and I will give you written feedback after the call.

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