About Sharise

Sharise KentFrom a young age, I’ve loved to read and write. True story, my friends used to tap me to write break up letters for them in middle and high school. I guess those could be considered my first writing gigs!

As an undergrad student at SUNY Oswego, I landed a part-time job with the university Public Affairs office and really began to develop as a professional writer. I learned how to develop a story, be concise, do research, conduct interviews and of course, meet and beat deadlines. Your girl can crank out content quickly!

After college I started my career in college admissions. A few years later I relocated from Rochester, NY to Baltimore, MD to earn my M.S. in Professional Writing. I worked for a while as a Marketing Editor but soon returned to my higher education career.

While in graduate school I began taking on writing projects for small business clients. I enjoyed engaging with business owners and entreprenuers who needed to communicate but did not know where to start.  I love when the creative and informative meet and that is what content and copywriting are to me.

I led a team responsbile for the placement of over 400 interns with Fortune 500 companies across the nation. In addition to writing the marketing materials, presentations and processes, I read a lot of resumes, cover letters and conducted a ton of interviews.

The best way to share what I’ve learned over my career has been to write.  I’ve crammed my experiences into a blog and a book. The Internship Manual is about helping students find internships, search for jobs and launch a successful career.

I’ve worked as a college admissions professional on the undergraduate and graduate levels at seven institutions in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. 

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