A Few Things You Can Do Instead of Focusing on Self-Improvement

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Right now, the self-improvement industry is absolutely enormous. The industry features all sorts of books, videos, courses, webinars, in-person retreats, and much more.

It’s not difficult to see why the idea of “self-improvement” is so popular as a rule. Everyone wants to achieve their dreams and to feel as though they are maximizing their potential. Despite the uncertainty which so frequently raises its ugly head and causes us stress and turmoil, people want to or even need a sense of control.

While the basic ethos behind the self-improvement movement is good, many people become totally bogged down in trying to always find the best “hacks” to carry them forward both professionally or personally. Instead of focusing on “hacks” focus on steady growth and the result will likely by self-improvement.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your life, instead of focusing only on self-improvement.

Get started now, and learn on the go

Pick a direction and get started. Be it personally or professionally, learn on the go. Trying to identify “tricks” and “hacks” can only bring confusion and slow you down from moving forward. Often a perosn may begin to overthink, do too much research and eventually find themselves not making any progress.

You know where you want to be better. Pick a thing, pick a reason, move foward and find your path.

Apprenticeship programs are an example of professional options that get you started, and allow you to learn and develop on the go. The ethos behind apprenticeship programs such as the electrical program offered by Abcksmo.org – is that learning is best done in a hands-on and practical way, rather than by trying to work out the most sophisticated approach before ever taking action.

Apprenticeship program can sometimes offer a quicker career path versus a traditional college or university education, and often can earn high salaries. The cost of apprenticeships is often less than that of a university education as well.

When the goal is to find a better job, learn new skills, or advance in a career, this is an option that moves you forward while you are learning. Apprenticeships are similar to internships in regards to the valuable, in-depth, hands on experience you can gain. Quick action, quick results, but still hard work and learning on the go.

Align your habits with your deeper intuitions

Intuitions get a bad rap for the most part, and it’s true that they can’t be relied on completely for decision-making.

Nonetheless, your intuitions will tend to reflect something about your internal values and perceptions. Listening to your deeper intuitions and striving to align your daily habits with those intuitions is almost certain to have some positive effect on your life as a whole.

Your intuitions can guide you towards new areas of discovery and self-improvement. Where is you intuition you guiding you to start? Do you know you want a healthier lifestyle, to spend more time with family, to be more financially responsbile? We often know what we want to improve and change, we just spend more time beating ourselves up than taking action.

Examine your habits and locate where you are and where you want to be. That doesn’t require a visit to any guru or a retreat, just thoughtful introspection.

Focus on creating an environment that will nudge you in the right direction

The idea of “discipline,” can be seen to imply that sheer willpower is what has the greatest overall impact on the course of our day-to-day lives.

In fact, however, there’s a lot of evidence from the field of psychology to suggest that our environments have a lot more to do with our habitual behaviors than our conscious “will.”

If you are only focused on self-improvement “hacks” you will miss out on opportunities to change your environment, that ultimately can result in positive results.

Focus on creating an environment that will nudge you in the direction you want to head in. Set up a home gym and you may find yourself exercising more. Wake up earlier and you can create time for walks. Removing unhealthy foods creates an environment where you acknowledge your desire for change.

Moving beyond just health, new environments can shift how you study, or create spaces in your home that are more peaceful.

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