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5 Apps To Improve Your Wellbeing While At Work

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No matter how much we love our jobs, the working week can sometimes leave us feeling stressed out. To ease your stress levels and stay on top, it’s vital to establish a wellbeing routine. To help you to improve your wellbeing whilst at work, these five applications are just what the doctor ordered!

1 . Sanvello 

Sanvello is a top self-care app, created to help users to gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts and moods. The app uses clinically established methods to help people achieve a more positive mindset and work on their issues. It’s a fantastic tool to improve wellbeing, and there are plenty of short self-care exercises that you can practice in your lunch break. Using this app, you’ll be able to create yourself self-care goals that work for you. Whether you want to express more gratitude, or get yourself out of a career rut, the app can help you to achieve the right mindset.

2. Welltok 

This application is a health management tool aimed at businesses. It is designed to help staff to set wellbeing goals and monitor their progress, including their fitness levels. There are quizzes and games to make things more fun, and a space to share tips and advice. The platform can help people to improve all aspects of their wellbeing, including financial and social, mental and physical. Welltok uses advanced analytics, and these serve as excellent motivators for growth and change.

3. Hotseat 

Hotseat is an app that motivates staff to get up from their desks and engage in friendly competition. The app helps staff members to organize challenges amongst their teams, (and the last person standing wins the challenge)! The app also sends out reminders to staff, encouraging them to have short activity breaks. Hot Seat tracks activity so that individuals can see how short breaks can add up to significant exercise.

4. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a great app to improve your safety and wellbeing whilst at work. The application offers tips on how to set up your equipment ergonomically, and on various stretching exercises. The idea is that having short stretching breaks helps to boost your mental and physical health. The stretches all include clear instructions and illustrations, (so you can be sure that you’re getting it right)! There’s the option to choose individual or group stretches, depending on your preferences. Setting up your workstation ergonomically is essential to stop yourself from obtaining an injury at work. If you do end up becoming injured you’ll need to seek the advice of workers compensation lawyers

5. Headspace

Headspace is one of the leading apps for mindfulness and meditation. The app has hundreds of sleep audio guides, mindfulness exercises and meditations, to help you unwind. Now you won’t be able to use the sleep audio tracks at work! However, the short meditations and mindfulness sessions are ideal to use on your breaks. After completing a quick self-care task, you’ll return to your desk feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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