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Someone to help you share your story, write your vision ad connec with your customers

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Create engaging, original an compelling cop that facilitates connections and closes the deal.

About Sharise

I am Sharise Kent and I am a professional writer. Even as a kid, I loved to read and that passion evolved into a love of writing. I enjoyed writing so much it eventually lead to earning my M.S. in Professional Writing. In 2015, my first book was published, The Internship Manual: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Internship of Your Dreams (Divine Garden Press).

My goal is to help bring to life the story behind your product or brand. To shape, share and shift your business and communications strategy  into a new place that produces results. From sales letters to blog posts, website text to product descriptions, I’m here amplify your services.

After a 20+ year career college admissions and career development, my roots and passion for the higher ed industry run deep. My diverse career in higher education, career development, recruitment, sales, marketing and a few years as a real estate agent add up to an ability to cover a variety of topics.

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