What Jobs Require A Lot of Background Experience?

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If you’re just finishing up an internship, and you’re not sure about what to do next with your career, it’s important to keep an eye out for jobs where you’ll be valued for your background experience and where your expertise in the area will go far.

You excelled in college and did absolutely everything you needed to be ready for graduation. Now it is time to focus on leveraging your internship experiences and landing an opportunity in the working world. If you have the background experience an in area, getting a job is more in reach. Without the right experience, you might need to make a more long term plan.

The popular careers of law, medicine and finance attract recent graduates from all types of studies. The earning potential and prestige of these careers can make them appealing but working in a law, the medical field or the world of finance will require some experience. Your background experiences can come from education or from internships.

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Working in a Law Office

Working in a law office requires background experience for most roles. You will need variable hard and soft skills in order to work in a law office, even if you’re not a barrister or lawyer yourself. Paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, jury consultants and compliance analysts are all opportunities to break into the legal profession.

Training to be a lawyer, or work within the law, is a long and arduous process – the years of college and law school, hours of study, internships and of course passing the bar. But while notoriously difficult to pass, upwards of 90% of law students pass it on their first try. Gaining experience through a different legal position could confirm your desire to be a lawyer before law school.

In the event you didn’t study a field or internship in a field related to law but still desire to work in a law office, consider that even law offices need information technology, accountants and even human resources.

Working in Finance

Skills in the area of finance are in high demand. Backgrounds in accounting and finance offer wonderful career options. If you have an affinity for numbers, like to figure things out and are natural problem solver, a career in the financial sector can be rewarding. It is, however, an area where skills and experience often win out.

Walking into the role of a financial advisor, financial analyst, CPA or investment banker requires experience first. Candidates that have studied finance or accounting in school and especially those with related internships have a leg up.

Without a finance background, breaking in could prove to be challenging, but not impossible. Remember, in terms of more general jobs, there are other entry level opportunities for recent graduates. Find a related role that can help you gain experience and finance skills. Alternative entry level or general jobs in sales, management, real estate, banking and insurance could offer the chance to build your finance muscles before you try again.

Working in Medicine 

The medical world can be full of options and being able to get work experience within that world is vital to your success. Outside of being a doctor, there are many other careers in medicine like nursing, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, physicians’ assistants and many others. Most of these will require you to complete at least one internship.

The desire to help people, work in a very fast paced environment and be constantly on the move, be cool under pressure, and compassionate with a strong work ethic makes for a promising medical professional.

You can contribute to the medical world in other ways like pharmaceutical sales, medical billing or research. Maximize and capitalize on your experience to find an entry into working in medicine.

Give yourself the best shot by looking for roles that fit your background experiences. If you don’t have the right kind of experience, consider a different role that will enhance your skills, but don’t give up.

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