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Why Do I Need an Internship?

In today’s competitive job market, many graduates are realizing that getting a degree isn’t enough. Landing a desirable job with little-to-no experience can be a difficult task. However, students who participate in one or more internships have starting salaries that are on average $15,000 more than their classmates who do not. If you want to make more money and become a highly sought after employee, obtaining an internship is a key part of making a smooth transition from student to working professional.

Read World Experience

Build Your Network

Explore Career Options

Companies Hire Previous Interns

Real World Experience

-Build your professional portfolio, apply classroom theory to practice, and demonstrate real world results from projects you participate in—all making you more attractive to a potential employer.

Build Your Network

-Building a network of professional contacts is critical to the success of professionals in any industry. A strong network will be an invaluable resource in the future job search process for potential leads as well as references.

Test Drive Your Career Choice

-Gaining internship experience allows you to preview careers to determine if you are on the right career path. Before stepping out and securing a full-time role, get an understanding of what a career in your field of choice will encompass.

Get Hired

-Employers like to hire known entities. Over the course of eight-to-twelve weeks, a company gets to know you and learn how you could contribute to their organization. If they are adequately impressed, they are likely to keep you in mind for future openings and not hesitate to provide a recommendation.

Meet or Exceed Expectations

-As the competition for jobs gets more intense, employers seek ways to quickly weed out candidates who do not possess evidence of real experience. An internship enhances your appeal and demonstrates that you took your education seriously enough to compliment your degree with outside experience.

Dump the Student Loan Debt

Student debt in this country has surpassed the $1,000,000,000,000 (tillion) mark. That is just crazy! Everyone says, “just take out student loans” but then no one wants to talk about how to pay back $45k in debt on a $40k salary. Student loans are not the only way to go to college. There are way to make it more affordable. Read this post, Tuition is Due and You Are Broke for tips on paying your next tuition bill.

Scholarships can be key to keeping your out of pocket costs down. This comprehensive guide to the best scholarship search sites is an excellent place to start.

If you do find yourself with student loans, then you need a plan to pay them back as soon as you graduate and start your first job.

Get started by downloading your free guide, 5 Tips to Make Sure You Graduate in 4 Years and get off the “normal” track today.






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