Finding the Career Advice in ‘Lemonade’

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I have to admit, reading this article on gave me a very good laugh. The quick read, 10 times Beyoncé personified your job search:Because the singer’s ‘Lemonade’ album is actually full of excellent career advice is funny but may actually capture just how the job search process can make you feel. The good, the bad and the ugly.

During the month of May, hundreds of thousands of newly minted degree holders are entering the fray and fighting for that first post-college position. If you are one of those new grads trying to figure out how to get someone to call you back, follow these four-quick tips to step your job search up a notch. Between my tips and Beyonce’s motivational advice, you will be ready to slay.

1. You hit the job listings like:

Prepare to #SLAY.

2. Every opportunity causes you to picture yourself doing this:

Just make sure you set aside 6% for your 401(k).

Read the full article for steps 3-10.



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