Fact Vs Fiction – 7 Myths About Millennials and Housing

Do you own your home, currently renting, staying with your folks? There are various theories and myths and facts circling the web about why millennials are not buying homes. What is fact and was is fiction?

I recently contributed to an article by Builder magazine, Millennial home Buyer: Fact VS. Fiction 7 Potentially Deadly Myths About Gen Y and Housing where I shared my thoughts on the mobility and geographic flexibility of today’s young professional.

I am a licensed REALTOR®. In the past year most of my clients have been millennials so I know there are young professionals buying homes – when they are ready. Why do you think people are waiting longer to buy? Do you like the flexibility that not owning a home gives you? When do you think you will be ready to buy your first home?

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Sharise Kent is an internship expert and freelance writer. She spent 5 years managing a national internship program where she placed over 400 interns with some of the biggest media companies in the world.

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