Employers today understand the value of diversity and as a result, seek to find talented young people to fill their internship and entry-level positions. The Internship Manual is here to connect the vast talent of minority college students from across the country, to employers across the globe.

Internship opportunities shared are open to students from all backgrounds, but companies desiring to diversify their talent pool may use TheInternshipManual as a way to broaden the diveristy of their candidate pool.

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Gone is the desire to start from the bottom, pay dues for five years before someone notices you. The new workforce wants to jump into projects that add value, allow them to have a voice, learn new skills and give them the chance to make an impact – sooner rather than later.

Feeling Inspired When You Are In A Funk

At this time of year especially, you can start to feel like a little extra effort on your part is needed. Heading back to school is the perfect time to inject a new energy into your routine to break out of a funk.

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Internships aren’t just for college students. Even those who have already started a career but want something different, can benefit from doing an internship after …