Parenting Generation Z: From College Application to  Graduation

The transition from high school to college to career can be confusing, tricky, exciting and stressful all at the same time!

As a parent, you want to give your child the best opportunities for success. I’ve spent 17 years in college admissions and career development. My aim is to share what I have learned along the way to demystify the process and let you know, things will be okay.

My mission is summed up in three points. Every student should strive to:

  • Get a degree in 4 years
  • Do multiple internships
  • Dump the student loan debt

As a parent, you want to see your child fly free and flourish.  Start today preparing your child to excel before, during and after college.

speakerOver 17 years ago I started my career in college admissions at a small liberal arts college in upstate New York. During my career I have worked for five private colleges and one public institution across five states. I’ve read a lot of applications, visited tons of high schools up and down the east coast, done countless admissions interviews and talked to an insane number of families at college fairs.

For five years, I was the senior manager for a nonprofit diversity organization that provided internships and professional development to minority college students. In my time with the T. Howard Foundation, I oversaw the placement of over 400 interns and full-time hires with major companies such as ESPN, HBO, CBS, Verizon, Fox, Disney, Viacom Media Networks and various other companies. The number of resumes I’ve reviewed and internship interviews I’ve done is well into the thousands.

Today, I combine my years of experiences to help students get from college to career.

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How I Help

Let’s be honest. There are a ton of private college counselors out there offering assistance on everything from SAT prep to scholarships searches to college essay writing. My experiences in college admissions and career development uniquely position me to provide families help from application to graduation.

I work with families to understand how to:

  • Prioritize college affordability
  • Graduate in four years
  • Pick a major or design an academic program that leads to a job
  • Complete multiple internships to maximize employability
  • Avoid massive student loan and credit card debt

My job is to coach you through the process of creating an action plan to get in and out of college successfully.

How It Works

We will have an initial assessment so that I can gather the information to personalize your consulting package. Each 45 minute meeting will take place over Skype or Zoom. All packages include 1 month of unlimited email support.

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College Prep Grade 9-12


One TimeInitial Assessment

College Admissions Basics

Creating a Timeline

Crafting a College Search Strategy

Financial Aid Overview / 4-Year Financial Plan

Current Students College Success


One TimeInitial Assessment

On Track to Graduate in 8 (8 semesters)

Internship Strategy

Resume Critique

Mock Interview

Recent Grads 0-2 years post degree


One TimeInitial Assessment

Job Search Strategies

Resume & Cover Letter Critique

Mock Interview


A La Carte Select Your Service


Per1/2 HourCollege Planning Session
College Essay Editing
Mock Admissions Interview
Mock Internship/Job Interview
Resume Critique