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The New Grads Guide to Creating a Standout Resume

Have you been sending out resumes but nobody is calling you back? 
Are you struggling to create a cover letter worth reading?

From the basics of resume writing to understanding what will make employers pass you over, the content of this course is about moving you from resume reject to resume rock star. Whether you are trying to land your first job out of college or a competitive internship, this course will walk you through the process of creating a standout resume that will get you results.

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emPOWERed Job Search Career Class


A self-guided career focused class for the soon to be or recent graduate who is trying to take the first step or move up. After years of helping hundreds of students and recent graduates launch their careers, I’ve been able to learn and understand the keys to success and developed a unique system. The emPOWERed Career Class is about giving students the skills to accelerate their results and power up for a bright future.

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Relocation Reality: Finding a New Job in a New City

No matter if you graduated college two weeks ago or 5 years ago, this course will help you understand how to make your relocation dreams a reality. 

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$99 per hour

Perhaps you have been reading my blog but you still need to go another level deeper. The POWER HOUR is a personal call set aside to work with you one-on-one.

We can talk internships or career. The benefit of this call is that we can cover whatever is your most pressing issue. Do you need me to go over your resume and make it rock? Do you have questions about narrowing down your college search? Are you unsure of why you have been applying to job after job but no one is calling you back?

We need to talk.

Book me for a one-hour Power Hour.

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