How To Help Build Your Skills For Your Career

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Climbing the corporate ladder means you must build your skills for your career. From intern to entry-level and beyond, gaining new skills and building experiences creates opportunity.

The opportunity could be a increased responsbility, a new project, new role or a new job with a new company. In addition to creating new pathways for your career, adding new skills also provides you with a confidence boost!

Consider Taking Courses Or Doing Workshops

First, consider what courses and workshops are out there for you to benefit from. If you are still in school, it’s a great opportunity to use a general elective to learn something outside of your major. Computer classes, foreign lanugage, analytics, and social media are a some hot topics to look for. Computer classes aren’t limited to coding either so also consider classes in software like Adobe Photoshop or Indesign and MS Excel.

If you are already working, it is a good opportunity to take advantage of your current company’s training budget too. Figuring out out what skills you might be lacking could be the secret to your success.

Look at what workshops and courses are available your local area or on campus, but also check out what’s available online too. Even if you don’t intend to use your new class in your current job, it might be a skillset or experience that positions you for a new role down the line. Massive Online Open Courses are awesome and free.

Once you’ve taken that class and mastered your new skill, add it to your resume!

Play Brain Puzzles

Brain puzzles are a great way to get your mind focused! Feed your brain! Things like the https://www.pennydellpuzzles.com/fill-ins/books/ are great exercises to do on a daily basis. They get you thinking but also help with your memory. We all retain information, and some of it can end up sitting in the back of your mind, which needs digging out every now and then. The more you do it, the more you’re improving your brain’s ability to retain information, to learn from your mistakes, and to get better.

Attend Networking Events

Networking is an important part of building your career because sometimes it’s about who you know and not necessarily what you know. It’s good to take advantage of attending both work sponsored events and external networking events. Not all people have a natural confidence to just go up and talk to a stranger. However, it’s certainly something that you can train yourself to do over time.

If you think you will be too nervous to venture out, get a networking buddy. Take a friend who is also seeking out opportunties. While, you don’t want to spend the entire time only talking to each other, it might break the ice to not walk in alone.

Set SMART Goals For Yourself

Goal setting is essential, otherwise what do you have to motivate you to reach those milestones in your life? Whether they be big dreams or small goals you can complete on a daily basis, goals keep you on motivated and on target.

Good goals are S.M.A.R.T goals. SMART stands for:






Building your skills for the future is important, particularly when it comes to your career. At the end of your internship experience, evaluate what you learned and what new skills you need to get before you graduate. Use these tips to help you take steps to learn new things, set bigger goals, land your first job and start to climb the career ladder.

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