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Use Your Winter Break to Find a Summer Internship

Finals are over (or close) and you are headed home for a much needed winter break. The time off between fall and spring semester is so important to your sanity! Enjoy your time away, but use your winter break to find a great summer internship.

Sleeping in, mom’s cooking, seeing friends, your old room, and no homework are just of the few of the highlights of your time away. When you get back to school, hopefully you will be renergized and ready to tackle new classes and move one step closer to getting that degree.

You Can Have a Great Summer Even Without an Internship

Maybe you started looking late or didn’t even consider doing an internship this summer. Reality has hit and now school is out. Can you have a productive, positive and overall great summer without an internship?Of course you can. In between binging on Netflix and a road trip or two,  here are some very creative ways to spend your summer without an internship.

The College Admissions Scandal: Inequality in Higher Ed Goes Beyond Admissions

Our current culture often sends the message that only a few select schools lead to success. This idea that your worth as a person is tied to the college that you attend is running rampant. The rich and the not so rich, often go to extremes to gain any possible advantage in college admissions.