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In today’s competitive job market, many graduates are realizing that getting a degree isn’t enough. Landing a desirable job with little-to-no experience can be a difficult task. However, students who participate in one or more internships have starting salaries that are on average $15,000 more than their classmates who did not. If you want to make more money and become a highly sought after employee, obtaining an internship is a key part of making a smooth transition from student to working professional.

Employers today understand the value of diversity and as a result, seek to find talented students to fill their positions. The Internship Manual is here to connect the vast talent of minority college students from across the country, to employers across the globe.

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A successful internship program can breath life into a business.

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About Sharise

After 18 years in higher education and career development, I think of myself as an educator who educates about education. This blog is about sharing what I’ve learned about being successful in college, doing multiple internships and dumping student loan debt. That’s it, that is my mission. To help you navigate the journey from college to career. Let’s do this! If you want the boring version, read my “official” biography here. 

Past Student Kudos

I also wTAdamsant to thank you for sharing words of wisdom with me and offering me advice about my nervousness during interviews. I really appreciate your kindness. You are an amazing woman and appreciated very much.”

– T. Washington, Frostburg State University

blueman“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You have been an incredible mentor and resource since the beginning of my college career. I vividly remember calling you on several occasions for advice or suggestions and you’ve always been more than helpful and supportive every time. You’ve helped open doors for me that I would have never imagined & I’m so thankful! I sincerely appreciate you, and all you’ve done! Simply written – You are the BEST! 

– M. Flenoury, University of Georgia